For those applying for work, psychotest is one of the phases that applicants must pass to get the position they want. This phase makes many people feel the need to find a way to pass psychotes and get the position he wants. This desire is read by those who have a business brain, then they make a variety of books and writings about tips to pass the selection psychotest.

Do not believe? Please just go to the bookstore whose name is quite famous. In general, there is a place where there are piles of books to practice psychotest with the price of tens of thousands of rupiah. The contents are tests that assessors use to conduct psychological assessments. There are also written ways to do the test so that the results ‘look’ good.

Furthermore, I got word from some of my colleagues that in an area there is a special tutoring to train participants to pass the psycho test. Prices are pegged to hundreds of thousands with several meetings. The presence of the Internet as a gateway of information did not want to lose. Already many online articles that explain about the ways to deal with psychotest. Some of the articles I also got from my colleagues, the tips for drawing trees, and tips for drawing humans right when psychotest. I’m sure there are many more.

Although psychologically it is a serious violation of the code of ethics, I understand that applicants need their work. They are willing to do what is deemed necessary to get their work, including psychotest exercises. Well, who wants to be unemployed? Then there are also people who can provide the services of this test equipment, everything fits. Simply put, there is demand, then there is supply.

As a person who has a background in psychology, I feel the need to give tips so that job seekers really get information about psychotest. These tips will be different from the other tips, so I hope you can read them out. Even though you’ve done your own research, I’m sure you’ll get something new.

Ready? Let’s start.

FIRST TIPS – Stop “Practicing” Working on Psychotes

Why? Simple. There is no point. Psychotes do measure certain things about yourself like work endurance, precision, work style, character, and so on. However, psychotest is not a matter of “who gets the highest score, then he will be accepted work”. Psychotest aims to get a complete picture of yourself. Psychotest is just one of the steps that job seekers have to take. And the psychologist can tell if you are lying or not.

Generally, selection is done in three stages. The stages are file selection, psychology, and interviews. At the file selection stage, the company will see your formal qualifications for the required positions. Formal qualifications include the education and special skills needed. If you meet the criteria for formal qualification, you will proceed to the psychological process.

The second stage is psychotest. It’s been explained in the previous paragraph that it aims to get a complete picture of yourself. The company wants to see if your competency matches the work required. This is important for companies, because they want to put people with the right ability in the position they need. The right person on the job.

In addition, psychologists can tell if you are lying or not. As the test progresses, the supervisors understand who is trying to cheat. They recorded a ‘weird’ behavior during the test and submitted the results of his observations to the psychologist. Then the psychologist will do kroscek between one test and other tests. If found weirdness, you may have been faking against your psychotes.

The last stage is the interview. These interviews are usually divided from several stages. From managers to directors. At this stage, they deepen about yourself through interviews. In addition, this stage also kroscek from your psychological results. Experienced interviewers know whether you are lying or not. Believe me, not always you can do faking against your behavior.

So, when do the psychotest what should you prepare? Here are tips to two.

SECOND TIPS – Prepare Yourself Before Starting Psychotes

What kind of preparation is needed to deal with psychotest? So easy. Keep you in good shape and a happy mood. Some research shows that happy people have better productivity, and are more successful. About happiness-related research can see the summary here. Make things fun the day before you psychotest, and try to get enough rest.


I assume that you have religious beliefs. Get closer to God. In my religion, that is Islam, there is the term “Kun Fayakun” which if in-Indonesiakan means “So, then it happens”. This shows that if God wills, then anything will happen. Now, if Allah willed you, his beloved servant, to get a job, what will man say?

Three simple tips can lead you to pass the selection. Indeed the selection process is not easy, because you are competing with hundreds of thousands of other people who also want to find a job. Think positive if not already accepted. Who knows the job is not right for you. If you work in an unsuitable place, you will not be able to get there.

For psychology practitioners, researchers, lecturers, psychologists, students, and others, this is an old unresolved issue. Seeing the development of information technology, this can become more and more. We need to think together a way out of this code of ethics problem. Demanding to improve the ability in the assessment is only a temporary solution to this problem. We need a legal law to regulate the policy of using test kits, so they are not used and distributed by irresponsible people.


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